Friday, March 21, 2014

New In: M.A.C. Morning Rose

These days I find most of the products I buy from watching videos or looking at blog photos.  The only bad thing about this is that products always look different on people.  Thus, every so often I'm not as happy with a product I've purchased because it doesn't live up to what I've imagined or how it looked on someone else. 

Recently I was watching one of Lily Pebbles' videos and noticed in the information links that she was wearing a lipstick by MAC called Morning Rose.  I was immediately drawn to the lip color she was wearing as it looked like a fairly bright pink color while still being on the nude side.  Several internet searches later and I discovered that this color was limited edition from last year, but luckily I found a store online that said they had three left in stock.  I immediately ordered it, waited patiently for it arrive in the mail, ripped open the box when it came and.... was slightly disappointed. While it looked pink in Lily's video, it has none of the brightest I saw in her video and looks far more nude on me (like a "your lips but better" shade).  I also was surprised that it has a somewhat frosty finish which I wasn't expecting, especially because MAC labels it a cremesheen.  I will wear it, and did wear it multiple days during the last few weeks I was in Europe, because it is creamy, moisturizing and easy to apply but it just isn't the exact color I was looking (and hoping) for.  

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