Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Empties #2

Repurchase: Yes - takes off every scrap of makeup, smells amazing and hydrates the skin
Repurchase: No - smells amazing, lots of bubbles initially, but they quickly disappear and isn't very moisturizing despite what the packaging says
Repurchase: Yes - cheap, moisturizing and easily absorbed, enough said
Repurchase: No - purely because I have too many cleansers.  Good cream consistency, hydrating and useful for a morning cleanse or second cleanse after makeup removal
Repurchase: Yes - if I lived in the UK.  Smells amazing and very sudsy!

Repurchase: No - the almond scent is fantastic but too much product is necessary for all-over moisture and the price is too high
Repurchase: Yes - again, if I lived in the UK.  Super exfoliating, lots of oil for moisture and creates an instant warming effect because of the salt
Repurchase: Yes - this is a really good, lightly scented, extremely creamy and moisturizing product.  In addition to using this as a body wash, it also makes a great shaving cream
Repurchase: No - only because I have so many body lotions/butters and they take forever to go through.  The only downside is the product is very thick, yet at the same time I found it necessary to use a lot of product for all-over moisture

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