Tuesday, July 22, 2014

(UK) Blogger Inspired Purchases

On a daily basis I read far too many blogs for my own good.  Wish lists keep growing and my back account keeps dwindling.  Of all the blogs I read, British bloggers are my favorite.  I love hearing about British products, even though most aren't available over here, and I love seeing photos of their daily lives as it reminds me of my time spent living there.

Since I love British blogs the most, it is no surprise that the majority of my blogger inspired purchases are from the lovely ladies across the pond.

Blogger: Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup
Worth the Purchase: Yes.  I love most of Anna's recommendations and I think we have similar ideas when it comes to makeup.  I'm almost finished with this container so that is a testament to how much I like it.  The natural dewy finish helps combat any pesky dry patches than I am prone to.
Worth the Purchase:  Probably.  I've seen this product and read about it countless times before.  Up until a few days ago I never considered buying this product mainly because I like fairly light makeup.  But my nose is still really red from surgery and by early afternoon any concealer I put on in the morning is completed gone.  I've only used it a few times so far but it is high coverage and does last.  I'm also loving that it dries to a non-tacky finish, unlike a few other high coverage concealers I tested in Sephora.

Worth the Purchase: To be decided... only because I haven't use it yet.  On Jessica's recent June Favorite videos she mentioned that this has really helped her dehydrated skin, and because Jessica's skin looks so fantastic, I had to run out and get a sample of this at the Clarins counter because it sounds like something I need in my routine.  Can't wait to try it.

Worth the Purchase: Yes, Yes and Yes!  This is the best of the blogger inspired purchases. So many bloggers talk about this but I first heard about it from Suzie.  The texture of this is very weird, and sort of off putting, but Suzie was right when she said it is super hydrating and lasts longer than any other lip balm.  A little goes a long way. 

Worth the Purchase: Yes, but I don't think I would repurchase.  The color is great for everyday and the packaging is beautiful and luxurious.  However,  I think I can find a lipstick/gloss in a shade close to this at a better price point.  

Worth the Purchase: Yes.  I actually own very few highlighters so this filled a gap in my collection. While it does take quite awhile to blend in, once fully blended it gives a natural effect.  It also isn't too shimmery and isn't messy.   

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