Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My All-Time Favorite Blogs

           World of Wanderlust. If you love traveling, this blog will make you jealous that you aren't exploring the world right now. If you've never traveled or never wanted to, this blog will make you want to pack up your bags and head to the airport right now. I love this site for travel tips and for finding destinations to add to my travel list that I never knew existed.     Vivianna Does Makeup. Anna's blog is just the best thing ever. I love her simple style, both fashion and beauty. Her content is always fresh and well put together. Head over to Anna's blog to read product reviews on the latest launches, the best travel beauty and fashion organization posts and lots of skincare tips. All with a dose of humor and great writing style.
Lily Pebbles. Lily's blog goes hand in hand with Anna's. When I check one, I check the other. Sometimes I'm intimated by makeup tutorials and how to tips on other blogs. Not so on Lily's blog, her looks are wearable and attainable for every girl. Lily also has some really great DIYs and tons of nail polish looks.     Sequins and Stripes. I love every single outfit post that Liz puts up. I'm also extremely jealous that she can dress for all seasons, whereas I would roast to death if I wore anything approaching winter wear in LA. Liz's style sense is exactly what I like to wear. Her looks are sophisticated without being overdone, casual without being sloppy, and feminine without too much skin. I also love seeing shots of Chicago in the background of her photos because Chicago is my favorite US city. Plus, the "about" section on her blog says she "trusts in Kate Middleton" - Yep, so do I.
Cider With Rosie. My favorite "lifestyle" blog. Posts about the simple things in life: enjoying the outdoors, walking the dog (adorable black lab), baking, etc. This is my go to blog when I want to take a minute to slow down my pace of life or daydream what a life in the English countryside might be like. I imagine it's quite different than LA.

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