Sunday, September 21, 2014

New(ish) Wardrobe

Back in May I revamped my bedroom with new bedding, furniture and a fresh coat of paint.  While the room still isn't 100% complete (nothing on the walls yet), I am completely happy with my wardrobe.  After getting fairly messy throughout the summer months, I did a fall clean up/clear out Saturday morning and remembered to take a few photos after.

Makeup/Skincare pull out drawer.  The only one I didn't clean... clearly.

 Clothes organized by color and within each color group from sleeveless to long sleeved.

My favorite: Jewelry tray.  Beautiful jewelry storage full of sparkles.  Instant happiness.

 Sandals, sneakers and boots are relegated to the closet.  Only heels in the wardrobe.
Three glass front pull out drawers for workout clothes, t-shirts/sweaters and pajamas/socks.

I love my new wardrobe.  I've wanted a wardrobe since I was a little girl.  When I decided to finally get one I had to go with one I could custom build and naturally that meant going to Ikea (PAX).  I honestly think purchasing a wardrobe is one of the best home organization decisions I've made.  I have so much more storage space and my room looks really streamlined and clean, just how I like it.  

Tip: PAX displays in Ikea usually don't have doors.  I based my layout on an Ikea display I liked. Putting hinged doors on the wardrobe reduces space in the wardrobe so there is less space for drawers.  I could not layout my wardrobe in substantially the same manner as the display unless I reduced the number of drawers or folded clothes over hangers instead of hanging them.  I choose to fold my clothes over hangers and keep the same amount of drawers that I purchased.

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