Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Wants #17

Here are all the bath products I'm lusting over.  When I say lusting, I mean really lusting, as I've pretty much given up my weekly bath in an attempt to conserve water in oh-so hot and dry Southern California. 

1. Zoella Fizz Bar.  Sold on the packaging alone, it looks like a candy bar! Plus the idea is great as you can get multiple uses out of just one product. 

2. Lush Comforter.  I rarely buy Lush bubble bars but Vivianna Does Makeup says she loves it so I've got to try it.

3. The Bathory Custom Bath Soak.  I would love to have a jar of these to display in bathroom, the packaging is super sleek and very instagramable.  Plus, completely customizable products are always fun.

4. Neal's Yard Lavander Bath Salts. Bath salts are fairly foreign to me, I just don't usually gravitate towards them.  However, I do gravitate towards relaxing, help you go to sleep products, so I may need to check these out.   

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