Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Haul

I'm not sure what came over me this month, but I've spent a fair bit of money on some new goodies and I don't really feel guilty about it (well, not as much as I usually do!)

The New Year started off great... I stuck with my fitness routine for a whole seven days before I got off track.  Granted, I only got off track because I was having some right ankle pain, but off track nonetheless.  Now that I'm ankle pain free, I'll make sure to wear actual training shoes, and not running shoes, while working out.  Of all the training shoes I tried on, I chose  the Asics Gel-Craze TR 2 because they fit the best and the mint laces are a great touch.  To go in my new shoes I picked up a pair of Superfeet insoles. 

On the beauty side of things, I managed to go into Lush and come out of the store with no bath bombs... a true accomplishment for me! Lush shower gels are the best and the smell of The Olive Branch is irresistible; I can't believe I've never tried it before!  My hands have been so dry this winter and I wash them all the time, so the sales associated recommended Helping Hands.  I hope this hand cream works, as I purchased it without sampling it in the store.  Lastly, I went into Sephora to look at the Tarte Tartelette eye shadow palette and instead walked out with a Foreo Luna Mini.  I've only used it a few times so the jury is still out but on ease of use alone, the Luna beats Clarisonic. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Did This Week #1

MONDAY - Josh Kelley at Hotel Cafe Hollywood.  Ten dollars for great music in a small, intimate venue - a great way to start the week.  

WEDNESDAY - New York City trip planning with a friend over dinner.  Most of the 'must-visit' spots on our list so far are food related.  

FRIDAY - Zinc Cafe Los Angeles.  First time trying a vegetarian restaurant.  My pasta was delicious and the location was super unique but I prefer some protein with my meals.

SUNDAY - Lush Santa Monica - I had a gift card burning a whole in my pocket and finally put it to use.  I refrained from buying bath bombs and instead picked out a few products I've never tried before.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy (Early) Birthday To Me

One of the biggest reasons I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos is finding great products I would not otherwise find.  Amelia Liana is one of my favorite bloggers and I love her delicate jewelry pieces.  I've wanted this Monica Vinader ring since the moment I spotted it on Amelia's post 'A New Ring'. 

Although it isn't insanely expensive, I knew I could only part with the money for it if it was a special occasion.  So I decided I would buy it for myself as a birthday treat.  Now it isn't my birthday yet but at the end of December Gilt had a special deal for purchases made on the Monica Vinader website so I snatched this up right away. 

I'm so pleased with the quality of this ring; it is delicate but still luxurious.  The small diamonds look beautiful in the gold setting and when worn gives an outfit an extra touch of class.  Unfortunately, the size I ordered was too big so I sent it back to get the next size down and I can't wait for it to arrive.  I feel like this may one of those pieces I wear almost daily.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Current Bath Products

Bath time is the best, right?  I love baths because it is such a simple pleasure that leaves you feeling amazing.  While I would love to indulge in baths more often, I usually reserve them for Sunday nights which means my extensive bath product collection is going to last quite a long time. 

Honest Bubble Bath - It's marketed for kids but honestly, who doesn't love a good bubble bath, especially one that smells this good.

Mio Liquid Yoga - I've raved about this already.  Love it.  You won't regret spending your hard earned pennies on this bath soak.  

The Bathory Soothe - Be warned, this might be the most blissful bath soak every created.  I didn't want to get out of the bath because I was in such a relaxed state.  It seemed like all the thoughts going through my head just disappeared so much so that getting out of the bath was a struggle.

Anything Lush - Maybe not the most relaxing of the bunch but always the most fun with colors, bubbles and fizz.  I'm most likely to use these up first because I don't want them to go bad.

Aromatherapy Associates - Before trying an oil bath I didn't think I was missing much.  Boy was I wrong.  Instead of spending time applying oil after a shower or bath, apply it to the bath and get the same benefits just by soaking in the tub. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Get Fit Plans & Equipment

As I mentioned just a few days ago, my main new year's resolution (like most people) is to get fit and healthy.  While I would like to loose some weight, I mostly want to be stronger and healthier and have an overall "good" feeling all the time.  Here are the few things I plan to use to kick my resolution into gear:


Fitness Blender - There are so many online video workouts to choose from but I am super picky and from what I've browsed I can't see myself actually doing most of what is posted.  Enter Fitness Blender. If you want trainers that act like everyday, normal people, then you've found your site.  What sets them apart, for me, is that the videos include modifications, advice and encouragement for all fitness levels.  I've just completed the 5 Day Challenge for Busy People and I can 100% say this was the first workout I have ever enjoyed.

Yoga - I've done yoga off and on since college and while I've never stuck with it for a long period of time, I keep coming back to it because of the wonderful relaxing state it puts me in.  Not to mention any increase in flexibility is a plus for me.

Group Classes - While I'm not attending any group classes yet, I would like to find a class I enjoy, and can afford to attend, a few times a month.  I don't find exercising at home boring but I hope that by adding a group class in I will keep my motivation up and make friends with liked minded individuals that I can be accountable to.


Nike Shoes - I love Nike shoes mostly because they come in the most insanely colorful shoes that look gorgeous even if you only wear them to the store.

Yoga Mat - For Christmas I received a beautiful yoga mat that is sure to inspire me to make use of it more often.

Foam Roller - I've been told many times over the years, and most recently by my chiropractor, that I have super tight muscles and I need to do something about it.  I'm  hoping consistent foam rollering will help.  However, I was not prepared for how painful it would be on the first try!

Headband - In order to transition quickly from a workout to whatever else I have going on, I purchased a wide headband at J.Crew to keep my hair back from my face and (some) sweat away from blowout.  

Ipad/Computer - Since I plan on doing most of my workouts at home and through online videos, an Ipad or computer is essential. 

Bath Products - The best part of this whole get fit thing!  During the 5 Day Challenge I took two baths and used products to help my body recover and feel more relaxed.  If I stick with my fitness plan I know my Mio Liquid Yoga will be getting a ton of love for my aches and pains, as well as my Bathory Soothe soak for relaxing the mind.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Santa Brought Me - Christmas 2014

Santa must know that the one thing I like more than beauty products is wallets because this gorgeous present was under the tree at Christmas.  I have a small collection of wallets in different colors and sizes, nothing I've spent very much money on and many past their prime due to overuse.  I've never owned a wallet this nice, so I couldn't wait to fill it up and put it in my purse.  It has only been two weeks since I started using this wallet but I can already tell it is a great investment piece.  The slim design is great for leaving plenty of room in your handbag, contains only enough card slots for the essentials and comes with a removable zipper purse for coins... all of which should help the wallet keep its shape and stay sturdy and new for quite a long time.  Not to mention that the contrasting red is stunning and gives the wallet a very classic feel.  

Thanks Santa!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolution

Yes, another New Year's Resolution post but I just had to add mine into the mix in the hopes that it might make me stick to them.  Although my resolutions aren't very original, I think each one is important and applicable to my life right now.

1. Healthy Living.  I don't exercise very often and I love dessert just a little too much.  However, I know I need to change that.  To get things moving in the right direction I have an exercise routine I plan on following.  More details to come. 

2. Improve Blog.  Last year I started my blog.  This year I want to improve my blog.  Improving the quality of photos, posting consistency, creating engaging content and most importantly injecting more of my personality into my blog.  If you've read my blog for awhile, you will probably know I don't post photos of myself often because I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera, especially by myself, but I really want that to change so my blog is more personal and relatable.

3. Grow My Business.  I work full time as an attorney, mostly doing estate planning and contract drafting/reviewing.  Instead of working at a law firm, I work for myself.... and it is a struggle.  I don't receive cases, leads or overflow work from any other law firm or attorney. What business I bring in is the only business I get.  To grow my business I need to market my law firm successfully and I know that will involve trial and error over the course of the year.

4. Meet New People.  Who doesn't like meeting new people?  I like meeting new people, but I find it a struggle to meet people in my post-college/post-law school life.  I intend on changing that this year and can't wait to meet new friends and create new lasting relationships.