Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Get Fit Plans & Equipment

As I mentioned just a few days ago, my main new year's resolution (like most people) is to get fit and healthy.  While I would like to loose some weight, I mostly want to be stronger and healthier and have an overall "good" feeling all the time.  Here are the few things I plan to use to kick my resolution into gear:


Fitness Blender - There are so many online video workouts to choose from but I am super picky and from what I've browsed I can't see myself actually doing most of what is posted.  Enter Fitness Blender. If you want trainers that act like everyday, normal people, then you've found your site.  What sets them apart, for me, is that the videos include modifications, advice and encouragement for all fitness levels.  I've just completed the 5 Day Challenge for Busy People and I can 100% say this was the first workout I have ever enjoyed.

Yoga - I've done yoga off and on since college and while I've never stuck with it for a long period of time, I keep coming back to it because of the wonderful relaxing state it puts me in.  Not to mention any increase in flexibility is a plus for me.

Group Classes - While I'm not attending any group classes yet, I would like to find a class I enjoy, and can afford to attend, a few times a month.  I don't find exercising at home boring but I hope that by adding a group class in I will keep my motivation up and make friends with liked minded individuals that I can be accountable to.


Nike Shoes - I love Nike shoes mostly because they come in the most insanely colorful shoes that look gorgeous even if you only wear them to the store.

Yoga Mat - For Christmas I received a beautiful yoga mat that is sure to inspire me to make use of it more often.

Foam Roller - I've been told many times over the years, and most recently by my chiropractor, that I have super tight muscles and I need to do something about it.  I'm  hoping consistent foam rollering will help.  However, I was not prepared for how painful it would be on the first try!

Headband - In order to transition quickly from a workout to whatever else I have going on, I purchased a wide headband at J.Crew to keep my hair back from my face and (some) sweat away from blowout.  

Ipad/Computer - Since I plan on doing most of my workouts at home and through online videos, an Ipad or computer is essential. 

Bath Products - The best part of this whole get fit thing!  During the 5 Day Challenge I took two baths and used products to help my body recover and feel more relaxed.  If I stick with my fitness plan I know my Mio Liquid Yoga will be getting a ton of love for my aches and pains, as well as my Bathory Soothe soak for relaxing the mind.

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