Sunday, February 8, 2015

Currently Loving: Kendra Scott

If there is one brand I've been absolutely drooling over lately it's Kendra Scott - a brand I didn't even know about until a few weeks ago and now it seems to be popping up everywhere.  It just so happens that I was at Fashion Island in Newport Beach last weekend (which I never go to) and I walked past a Kendra Scott store.  Obviously I had to go in - and because I went in I definitely walked out with a shopping bag in hand!

From browsing online I had my eye on the Abra Double Band Ring in Rose Gold and it didn't disappoint in person.  Luckily, there was one left in my size.  I love this ring because it is eye-catching and unique, yet still delicate at the same time (and I have been loving delicate jewelry recently).  Now I didn't plan on purchasing anything else but I've been looking/lusting over a few hand bracelets (like this one) but couldn't find anything just right.  So when I saw the Yasmin Hand Chain in Gold I knew I had to get it, especially because I got a 50% birthday discount.  My only slight complaint is that the chain is far too long on my hand and is much looser than I would have liked.  However, it looks awesome and is a great piece to mix in with my other rings and jewelry pieces.

I have a feeling this will not be my only purchase from Kendra Scott.

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