Friday, February 13, 2015

Faraway Friday

Since I don't post on Wednesdays I can't do Wanderlust Wednesdays, but travel posts happen to be one of my favorite posts to read.  Faraway Friday is my version of a travel wish list post.  

Cinque de Terre - Italy
Colorful buildings, Mediterranean Sea and Italian food - one day I hope to take it all in
Prague Beer Hall - Czech Republic
I know almost nothing about Prague and I don't drink beer but I've been fixated on visiting Prague since seeing the cheesy Mandy Moore movie Chasing Liberty as a teenager (hopefully someone else has seen this as well!) 
Highclere Castle - England
Cliched, I know - but I love Downton Abbey 
12 Apostles - Australia 
I'm usually not one for beach vacations but after seeing the 12 Apostles on TV every year while watching the Australian Open I think I can make an exception.  They look absolutely stunning and almost dreamlike


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