Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Making the Switch to Natural Antiperspirant & Aluminum-Free Deodorants

I don't proclaim to be a natural beauty product junkie but recently I decided I would start switching over a few of my products to cut out excess chemicals since I do tend to use a lot of beauty products. The first thing I replaced was deodorant at the suggestion of my chiropractor.  But of course the lawyer in me couldn't just take her word for it, I need some information and had to do some research. Here are the two convincing factors that lead me to make a switch:
  • antiperspirant - clogs pores to prevent perspiration.  The built up sweat bacteria that hasn't been released actually causes odor problems 
  • parabens - antiperspirants and deodorants have parabens which many believe cause a wide array of problems.  In deodorant it is thought to contribute to breast cancer as parabens have estrogenic activity on breast cells
Thirty days into natural deodorant and I'm glad I switched.  I've had no side effects, I don't miss the deodorant I used to use and I know what I'm using is better for my body.  However, it did take some time to get used to the fact that I actually sweat now.  I'm not talking about sweating post-gym workout - that always happens even with antiperspirants.  I'm talking about when you are in a hurry to get ready for work and find everything you need for the day and have to take stuff to the car that you need for the day - who would have thought that would make you sweat even when it wasn't hot out! I know I never felt that before but after a few times you get used to it.  I'm also pleasantly surprised the natural products smell nice, feel great on the skin and leave no residue - hooray for no white marks.

I prefer the Nourish Organics Fresh & Dry Natural Deodorant Almond Vanilla because it reminds me of regular deodorant (texture, application and packaging shape), however, the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick leaves basically nothing on your skin - it is super strange and fascinating at the same time.

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