Friday, March 6, 2015

NYC Haul

Ah, New York City.  Around every corner is somewhere great to shop.  Thank goodness I don't live there... I'd be permanently poor.  Since I was on vacation though, I did pick up a few treats for myself

 Aesop Parsley Seed Mask & Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Mask.  I can get Aesop in LA, and the parsley seed mask has forever been on my wish list, but I never find myself near the Aesop store.  When I spotted it in Soho I had to go in.  I picked up the Parsley Seed Mask as soon as I stepped in the door and then browsed the rest of store, making a mental note of all the products I want to try.  I couldn't leave the store with just the mask so the sales assistant sold me on the rose hair mask which is meant to be great for your scalp.
 Went to the Artists & Fleas market in Brooklyn with the intention of looking at jewelry... came away with a bath product.  I love the fact that this product is handmade and is really unique.  Instead of putting the product into the bath, you fill the included bag with the bath tea oats and hang it under the tap while the water is running so the relaxing lavender scent fills the room.
 Thanks to instagram I found out NYC has Rituals stores just a few days before I left.  Upon entering, I browsed and browsed and browsed some more... so much that I spent enough to get a gift with purchase.  I'm most excited about the Himalaya Scrub - a heavy duty scrub that doesn't lack in the moisture department.
 Also purchased the Yogi Flow foaming shower gel because it is basically fun in a can.
 Couldn't leave New York without a trip to the Bite Lip Lab.   This was hands down one of the best beauty experiences I've ever had.  The whole create your own lipstick concept is really unique and made better by the fact the quality of the lipsticks are fantastic.
 What's better than one lipstick?  Two! First up, I created a matte red that suits my skin tone.
I also created a creme sheer shade with just enough color but still easy to wear and fairly neutral.

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